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26 August 2014

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Girl Activists: Telling Our Own Digital Stories in Kyrgyzstan

Girl Activists in Kyrgyzstan are sharing their knowledge with girls from surrounding villages so they can speak for themselves collectively about the issues important to them.

20 August 2014

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Countering Slavery in Mauritania With Digital Storytelling

The existence of human slavery in Mauritania is ongoing and exists outside the rule of law. This has inspired a Rising Voices micrograntee project to train former slaves in social media to raise awareness.

11 July 2014

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Fill Your Summer With Learning: 7 New Online Courses

We've trolled the web to come up with seven ways you can make sure you don't get bored over summer vacation... new courses available online focus on journalism, computer science, and creativity-boosting.

3 July 2014

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How Technology Is Helping People Learn—and Even Save—the World's Languages

Forward thinkers are harnessing the unprecedented power of technology to bring languages back from the brink of extinction, and in rare cases, to resurrect an extinct language.

24 June 2014

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Citizen Media How To: Boosting Visibility For Your Videos

The Video4Change network recently produced three more freely available guides, including a "Video Compression Guide", a "Guide to Video Distribution Sites", and "How to Host a Film Screening".

23 June 2014

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Palestine: Putting Daily Life in the Picture

Visualizing Palestine strives make international public opinion aware of daily hardships in Palestine. They transform numbers into creative narrative visuals, and were recently given a jury's award for best Social Activism by the Best of the Blogs competition.

17 June 2014

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Off to Burkina Faso! The Niger Team OpenStreetMaps their way to Ouagadougou

The 2013 Rising Voices' micrograntee Mapping for Niger is continuing on with their work, traveling around their region to meet with other OpenStreetMap teams and learn new skills.

3 June 2014

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10 Essential Resources for Arabic-Speaking Activists

A list of key Arabic-language resources for digital media activists.

26 May 2014

21 May 2014

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Creative Commons 101 : Are You Doing it Right?

Are you using your Creative Commons images appropriately? More than 90% of Creative Commons images are not attributed at all! Here is a great infographic to get you up to date.