27 February 2012

Stories from 27 February 2012

Russia: Harm Reduction Web-site Blocked by the Government

At the beginning of February Russian Government blocked a web-site of the Moscow nonprofit organization Andrey Rylkov Foundation on the request of the Federal Drug Control Service (FDCS). This was the first case of enforcement of a new domain seizure rule which allow the law enforcement agencies to request domain seizure without a court order.

Blogs4Aid: Campaign To Stop Violence Against Women In India

To address the growing number of violence against women in India, Shemeer Padinzjharedil (29), a construction engineer and former software developer, decided to act. He has built an Ushahidi based crowdsourced site titled www.maps4aid.com where anyone can report violence against women. Maps4aid has started another campaign, Blogs4Aid to spread the reports collected by Maps4Aid and increase awareness.