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Currently we are not accepting applications for our microgrants for citizen media outreach projects. Please check back for future funding opportunities.

Over the past seven years, we have funded and mentored 52 projects from around the world. Here, we present a brief history of the microgrant competitions held since 2007:

Microgrants Amazonía 2014


Microgrants 2014

Rising Voices Microgrants 2014The 2014 global microgrant competition was launched on March 12, 2014, where we received 598 proposals from 93 countries. Read about the eleven winners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Uganda, and the United States.

The interactive platform will remain online in order to review previous proposals.

Microgrants 2013
Microgrants 2012

Microgrants 2011

Microgrants for Egypt 2010

Microgrants 2009

Microgrants 2008

Microgrants 2007