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20 August 2014

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Countering Slavery in Mauritania With Digital Storytelling

The existence of human slavery in Mauritania is ongoing and exists outside the rule of law. This has inspired a Rising Voices micrograntee project to train former slaves in social media to raise awareness.

15 August 2014

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The Amp #19: August 1 to 15

Our biweekly newsletter the Amp is out, chock full of opportunities, funding, scholarships, and articles to keep you up on new developments in digital media around the world.

7 August 2014

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Still Devastated: Eight Months after Typhoon Haiyan

The Rising Voices grantee project Voices of Hope was set to start its first citizen journalism workshop in the town of Estancia, Philippines to share stories about reconstruction after Typhoon Haiyan, when another typhoon hit the area postponing the workshops.

2 August 2014

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Mapping for Niger Turns One, Community Reflects

The Mapping for Niger grantee project celebrates its first anniversary with all its contributors, who reflect on what participating in the project has meant to them.

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