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2 September 2014

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Never a Shortage of Topics for Girl Activists in Kyrgyzstan

The Girl Activists of Kyrgyzstan grantee project continues its workshops by exploring potential topics that the participants want to share through blogging.

1 September 2014

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End of the Summer Team Building and Looking Forward to the School Year

Youth from the RV grantee project Against the Current took part in creative activities during their summer break. These team building activities are setting the table for future multimedia Umoⁿhoⁿ language revitalization activities.

29 August 2014

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The Amp #20: August 15 to 29

Our biweekly newsletter the Amp is out, chock full of opportunities, funding, scholarships, and articles to keep you up on new developments in digital media around the world.

26 August 2014

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Girl Activists: Telling Our Own Digital Stories in Kyrgyzstan

Girl Activists in Kyrgyzstan are sharing their knowledge with girls from surrounding villages so they can speak for themselves collectively about the issues important to them.

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